Project objectives

Objective 1:

Identify the optimal fishing techniques for individual countries and environments within the NPA. Where necessary develop innovative and new techniques for harvesting sea urchins in the NPA. Enable the rapid expansion of existing small scale fisheries in the NPA with at least a doubling of the existing catch by month 36.

Objective 2:

Identify and implement adequate methods of measuring stock biomass to enable Government organisations to create sustainable fishing legislation by month 24. Investigate and identify the quality and quantity of roe throughout the year at different sites by month 36.

Objective 3:

Enable the implementation of adequate sea urchin fisheries management and legislation in the NPA by Government organisations to allow SME’s in the area to enter the fishery and sustainably utilise the sea urchin resource. All information to be openly available to all interested SME’s in the NPA area.

Objective 4:

Transfer knowledge on existing techniques for roe enhancement of low value sea urchins and allow restocking of sea urchins where urchin stocks have been depleted within the NPA. Knowledge and technology to be made available openly to all interested SME’s in the NPA area.

Objective 5:

Establish market needs and methods of getting products to market for live sea urchins and sea urchin products. Set up economical feasible routes to bring the goods to market. Distribute findings to all interested SME’s in the NPA area.